Café Lealtad is the recollection of past times when working
our land and harvesting its products gave a sense of pride and satisfaction. Our
coffee was conceived in a very personal way, in the heart of a family with
strong ties to our coffee traditions. Motivated by his love for his town of
Lares, Mr. Edwin Soto, entrepreneur, coffee grower and owner of Café Lealtad
Inc. acquired Hacienda Lealtad in 2007. Founded in 1830, this hacienda was one
of the most productive of its time in the central part of the island and was the
inspiration for our coffee.
The aroma, acidity, body and flavor of Café Lealtad are the
result of the perfect combination of geography, soil and tropical region
conditions. To guarantee a memorable cup of coffee, our skillful workers
produce and process our beans to achieve the highest quality standards.    
All our coffees, Café Lealtad and Café Di Laris, and our specialty
coffees, Café Hacienda Lealtad Supremo and Café Hacienda Lealtad Gourmet, are
the result of a detailed process to offer a  special sensory experience in each cup. From
our family to yours.